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Your pet is intimately attuned to your emotional state. Pets will often mirror the feelings of their family.


You have an opportunity to decrease the stress your pet experiences by mindfully and purposefully attending to your own emotional well-being.

Here you will find resources to help you create a greater sense of well-being, decrease stress, increase positive emotions, and create self-care routines that will help you make the most of this precious time you have with your pet.

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Tools & Insights for Navigating Grief

March 9, 2022

Loving deeply and then feeling the loss of that love when it leaves our experience is part of being human.

 We also can experience anticipatory grief, prior to the loss.


Understanding the process of grief, and having tools to help yourself is important as you travel through this journey.


Grief Support Resources

March 31, 2023

For some ideas on how to helping children with grief click this link below.

For more information about grief and anticipatory grief as well as optional on-line support groups and resources, click the link below.

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Grief in Your Other Pets

March 31, 2023

Pets also experience grief at the loss of a housemate.

In addition, pets are very sensitive to the emotions of the humans with whom they live and they can sense your sadness, anger, or stress.

Understanding what to watch for and how to help your pet as you both navigate loss can help you both.

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