Tele-Consulting for Veterinarians
for MVP Series Members
  • Dr. Bannink has reopened Teleconsults exclusively for MVP Members.

  • Tele-Consults are for Veterinarians wishing to consult with Dr. Bannink directly regarding their own pet or patients directly in their care. 

  • Tele-Consults are available only for veterinarians who have an active updated MettaPets Veterinary Professional Series subscription. 

    • You can sign up for a subscription here.​

    • If you are able to log in to the scheduler page via the link below, you have an updated active membership.

    • You can check your existing membership status directly in your account by logging in to your account.

  • Tele-Consultations are via Zoom and include up to 60 minutes of time.

  • The case and any relevant documents will be reviewed by Dr. Bannink during the scheduled appointment time. 

  • No formal follow-up or paperwork will be provided after the call.

  • Veterinarians are encouraged to take notes and have questions and all relevant lab work and test results prepared prior to the meeting.

  • Any documents you wish to be reviewed can be shared via screen share during the Zoom meeting and do not need to be emailed ahead of time.

  • This call is intended for general advice and educational purposes only.  Without a physical exam, Dr. Bannink does not hold a Valid Patient Client Relationship (VPCR), and cannot diagnose, prognose, or treat specific diseases. Dr. Bannink will not be a treating veterinarian on this pets’ care team. This appointment serves as a question-and-answer session. 

  • Payment is due in full within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment on the scheduling page using the link below. 

  • 24 business hours is required for cancellations. If less than 24 business hours’ notice is given for a cancellation for any reason, 50% of the appointment cost will be kept as a cancellation fee.

Initial Tele-Consult call (zoom call; up to 60 minutes) : $600

Tele-Consult follow-up call (zoom or phone; up to 30 minutes): $200