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Tele-Consulting for Veterinarians
for MVP Series Members

Dr. Bannink has reopened Teleconsults exclusively for MVP Members.

Please read the below policies carefully before scheduling. Additional Information is provided for veterinarians on the scheduling page after logging in.

  • Tele-Consults are for Veterinarians wishing to consult with Dr. Bannink directly regarding their own pet or patients directly in their care. 

  • Tele-Consults are available only for veterinarians who have an active updated MettaPets Veterinary Professional Series subscription. 

    • You can sign up for a subscription here.​

    • If you are able to log in to the scheduler page via the link below, you have an updated active membership.

    • You can check your existing membership status directly in your account by logging in to your account.

  • Tele-Consultations are via Zoom and include one call lasting up to 60 minutes.


  • This call is intended for general advice and educational purposes only. Without a physical exam, Dr. Bannink does not hold a Valid Patient Client Relationship (VPCR), and cannot diagnose, prognose, or treat specific diseases. Dr. Bannink will not be a treating veterinarian on this pets’ care team. This appointment serves as a question-and-answer session. 

  • Dr. Bannink's areas of expertise and experience are in conventional medical oncology and Chinese Herbal Therapies in veterinary cancer patient care. Tele-Consults are specifically to discuss information related to these treatment modalities in an integrative oncology patient care setting. In certain cases other interventions may be discussed, but these should not be the purpose of the Tele-Consult. Examples of Initial Tele-Consult focuses which can be requested:

    • Conventional Oncology Care: Tele-Consult with primary interest in general information about conventional medicine treatment options including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and other medical management. These are intended to assist clients in deciding if they wish to pursue an oncology consultation with a local oncologist and are provided in light of the long wait times currently present at most specialty referral centers around the country. 

    • Chinese Herbal Therapies: Tele-Consult with primary interest in information about Chinese Herbal therapies

    • Integrative Care: Tele-Consult with primary interest in information about integrating conventional medicine standard of care and Chinese Herbal therapies.

  • The veterinarian who schedules the Initial Tele-Consult with Dr. Bannink is responsible for implementing, ordering, prescribing and managing all of the Chinese Herbal Formulas and supplements discussed. Please ensure that the involved veterinarian is comfortable with this and willing to act in this role should the client be interested in any of the information discussed.


  • The case and any relevant documents will be reviewed by Dr. Bannink during the scheduled appointment time. 

  • No formal follow-up or paperwork will be provided after the call.

  • Veterinarians are encouraged to take notes and have questions and all relevant lab work and test results prepared prior to the meeting.

  • Any documents you wish to be reviewed can be shared via screen share during the Zoom meeting and do not need to be emailed ahead of time.


  • Payment is due in full at the time of scheduling the appointment on the scheduling page using the link below. 

  • 24 business hours is required for cancellations. If less than 24 business hours’ notice is given for a cancellation for any reason, 50% of the appointment cost will be kept as a cancellation fee.

Initial Tele-Consult call (zoom call; up to 60 minutes) : $600

Tele-Consult follow-up call (zoom or phone; up to 30 minutes): $200

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