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Mettapets veterinarian wellness network

Everyday Mindfulness Group
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A paid community for veterinarians who want to

  • connect regularly with each other

  • prioritize quality of life and stress management

  • stay inspired and focused in their wellness goals

  • feel supported in prioritizing their wellbeing and quality of life


  • Veterinarians wanting to increase their capacity to navigate stress with more peace

  • Veterinarians curious about how Mindfulness practices can help them have a better quality of life and manage stress more effectively.


  • Veterinarians looking for a supportive community to help them keep their personal wellness top of mind and to stay on track with their wellness and stress management goals and practices with weekly resources and community support.


  • Veterinarians already familiar with Mindfulness practices who want some fresh inspiration to bring mindfulness into their everyday life and work days.


  • Veterinarians wanting to connect with a community of like-minded peers in an intimate private group where we will have the opportunity to support each other and nurture meaningful relationships 



SATURDAYS: Mindfulness, Wellness and Stress management audios

  • You will receive a new audio each week on Saturday mornings

    • start off your weekend more relaxed and destress with a short audio recording related to your wellness​

      • Short guided stress-relief meditation

      • Lessons or "food for thought" for the week

      • Inspirations related to stress release, wellness, self-care, maintaining healthy boundaries, connecting with your passion, navigating your internal dialogue, and more....


  • Listen as often and whenever you like.​

    • Use the audios as a daily guided stress management meditation​

    • Listen to mindfulness and wellness topics on your commute to start your day centered, inspired and feeling connected


TUESDAYS 8PM (EST): Community Connection Call & Guided Meditation to Release Stress

  • Enjoy a live guided meditation for releasing stress every Tuesday night.

  • Connect with your like-hearted peers who share similar interests in their wellness and life-experiences in their career path in a supportive community focused on solution-seeking discussions and exploring topics that are interesting and relevant to your quality of life goals.

  • No experience is necessary. Come with an open heart and an interest in growing, healing, and giving and receiving positive, empowering support.

  • Learn new techniques for stress management and other life skills. 

  • Discover new ways to frame your experiences that will help you thrive and empower you to create the life you are dreaming of creating. We are here to support you in that!

  • Be supported in your process. You don't need "fixing". We are all a process, on a journey of becoming. 

  • Find meaning, positive purpose and fulfillment in connecting in positive ways with your peers and colleagues around our wellness, quality of life, and passion for creating healthy careers and lifestyles.

  • Schedule yourself some much needed "me time" to de-stress every Tuesday night. We often prioritize everything else. Make yourself a priority as well!


How To Register for the Everyday Mindfulness Group


Enrollment is always open, so you are welcome to join at any time. No experience necessary.

Come as you are!

Join the Everyday Mindfulness Group


Enjoy weekly recordings related to mindfulness to guide and support you in your everyday life. Meditations, reflections and suggestions for living a more mindful life and letting go of the stressors of the day and week. A new recording is posted every Saturday morning.

Connect every Tuesday night 8 pm EST with me and your MVWN Everyday Mindfulness friends and veterinary peers for a guided meditation for stress relief followed by a chat about a topic relevant to your wellness. Renew your motivation, get inspired and offer and receive support on your wellness journey. 


No pre-requisites! This is FOR you. No stress. No expectations other than kind behavior and compassionate and respectful communication with each other.




Monthly subscription ($85/month)

  • A New 5-10 minute audio recording each week to support your regular self-care

  • Weekly live guided meditation and community connection calls every Tuesday evening (optional)

  • The benefits of practical everyday Mindfulness practices with a new focus each week

  • Supportive connection with friends and colleagues who are on a shared journey

  • 5% discount on all MasterClasses for the life of your membership


  • BONUS: access to the Meditation 101 group content at no additional fee

  • BONUS: free access to a self-guided video book club on the book "Resilient: How to grow and unshakable core of calm, strength and happiness" by Rick Hanson


  • FREE ACCESS to the main MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Site which includes monthly wellness focus, weekly wellness posts, and a library of additional content and topics

  • opportunity to sign up for masterclasses and workshops with Dr. Bannink

Join the Everyday Mindfulness Group

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