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A 30-Day Journal Journey to Empower You to Live a Life You Love.


This product is an 87-page journal PDF created by Dr. Bannink that you can print out and use as a tool for self-reflection, visioning and personal growth. This can complement any Self-mastery work you are doing but is specifically designed to support the work that Dr. Bannink helps people with in her Divine PowerHouse Community.


I'm excited to announce we will be kicking off 2024 with a Journal Journey January 1 - January 31 using this journal I created to help you empower a life you love.


You can go through the journal on your own any time of the year, or participate in the group virtual workshop through Dr. Bannink's on-line community at by purchasing a membership to that on-line network and going to "courses".


There are Six preliminary steps followed by a 30-day journal to help you vision, dream and create a life you love living. There is one self-reflection exercise every day in addition to sections for daily gratitude and logging self-care activities.


You can explore this exclusive Self-Exploration journal on your own, in your own time, and use it over and over again each year as you grow and expand.


If you like, you can also participate in the on-line virtual workshop starting with the support of me and other Divine PowerHouse community members starting January 2024. This is a self-guided comunity workshop event where you will be able to connect with others via chat and receive additiona resources to support you including four guided meditations focused on getting motivate,  manfesting and self-reflection.


If you would like to participate in the on-line community event which offers this additional bonus content and community chat facilitated by me, you are welcome to join my spiritual self-mastery community network here:

Create a Life You Love: 30-Day Journal

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