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6-week Wellness MasterClass for Veterinarians 
Starts September 23, 2021

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Metta meditation

  • May I experience Happiness and its causes

  • May I be free from Suffering and its causes

  • May I be Well in body, mind and spirit

  • May I be Peaceful


How would you like to feel these ways more often?

That's Metta Meditation in a nutshell.

It's what the practice will bring you. 

Research in psychology proves it.

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  • Veterinarians wanting to increase their capacity to navigate stress with more peace

  • Veterinarians wanting to develop their ability to experience positive emotions more often

  • Veterinarians curious about how meditation can help them

  • Veterinarians already familiar with Metta Meditation who want to explore the method and teachings more deeply

  • Veterinarians wanting to connect with a community of like-minded peers in an intimate course where we will have the opportunity to support each other and nurture meaningful relationships 



Week 1: Understanding Stress and the benefits of Metta Meditation

  • Overview of physiological and psychological impacts of stress

    • What is stressHow does stress affect wellbeing

    • Benefits of managing stress

  • Metta Meditation Overview

    • What is Metta Meditation/ Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Overview of research on Metta Meditation

    • How to do Metta Meditation

    • Benefits of Metta Meditation

  • H.E.A.L. Method Overview

    • How the mind learns

    • How the H.E.A.L. method works on the nervous system and emotional system based on concepts from modern psychology

    • Steps to the H.E.A.L.method


Week 2: Metta: Developing Loving Kindness toward yourself and others

  • The foundational yogic principles of Metta Meditation

    • Loving Kindness

    • Compassion

    • Joyful Wellbeing

    • Equanimity/Peace

  • Metta: Loving Kindness

    • Understanding Loving Kindness

    • How does the practice of Loving Kindness increase wellness

  • Live Guided Meditation: Metta, build the internal resource of self-kindness


Week 3: Developing Compassion toward yourself and others

  • Developing Healthy Compassion

    • Overview of Compassion

    • What compassion is and isn’t

    • The stages of compassion development

    • How compassion benefits wellness

    • Compassion versus empathy

    • Compassion fatigue and emotional burnout

    • Addressing obstacles to healthy compassion

  • Live Guided Meditation: Karuna, build the internal resource of self-compassion


Week 4: Cultivating Joy and Wellbeing

  • Overview of Wellbeing and the importance of Joy

    • What joyfulness is and how it differs from happiness

    • How joyfulness benefits wellness

    • How joy is related to developing generosity

    • Addressing obstacles to joy and wellbeing

  • Live Guided Meditation: Mudita, build the internal resources of joy & wellbeing


Week 5: Cultivating Peace and Equanimity

  • Equanimity for a Peaceful Life

    • Overview of Equanimity

    • What is equanimity

    • How equanimity benefits wellness

    • Addressing obstacles to equanimity

  • Live Guided Meditation: Upeksha, build the internal resource of peace


Week 6: The Complete Metta Meditation practice

  • Bringing it all together

    • The five Stages of Metta Meditation

    • The rewards of developing Loving Kindness through Metta Meditation

  • Live Guided Meditation: The Complete Metta Meditation practice

BONUS: Integration Resources: Self-Study

  • Motivation and Will Power

    • Article: Understanding limits to willpower how to develop new healthy habits

  • Realizations about Happiness

    • Article: Reflecting on your views about personal happiness

  • Self-Assessment: Mindset and Beliefs

How To Register for the MasterClass

$399 for 6-week Course

9/23/21 - 10/31/21

See MasterClass Details Here


Thursday evening Live webinars (Webinars will be recorded)

Sunday evening "office hours" for Q&A and community connection

Daily guided meditation (you will be given a new recording to use each week)



$399 for 6 weeks of guided content to get you results and transformation, connection with peers who share similar struggles and interests, and recorded meditations you can keep forever.

New Members: Three easy steps


2.) JOIN: Join by following the prompts on the email you receive once I approve your request (check your junk mail if you don't see this and add the address to your contacts). You will need to provide your veterinary license number and state. 

3.) REGISTER: Log in, go to “MasterClasses” in the left side menu, register for the Metta Meditation MasterClass

Current MVWN members 

Enroll internally, directly through the MasterClass menu.

Just log in to your account and go to MasterClasses. 

Here is a direct link for members.  

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