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Contact Dr. Bannink

*Please be aware, I will not respond to ANY inquiries related to questions about patient care, cancer treatment or prescriptions for your pet with cancer. 


Although I would prefer to not have to state the following things so bluntly, it has become apparent for some people this is necessary to establish clarity around appropriate conduct. Please understand I have a lot of compassion for the suffering, worry and other difficult emotions that grief and fear often trigger in people. If you are facing a diagnosis of cancer in your pet, I understand the challenge this can present emotionally. Read the following information carefully before choosing to reach out to me directly. There are very few things I am able to help you with through email and remotely.


It is illegal for me to give medical advice over the internet or for patients with which I do not have a legal established "veterinary-client-patient-relationship" (VCPR).


I will not respond to these types of inquiries, nor will I any longer entertain nasty comments from people who don't like the laws governing the practice of veterinary medicine over which I have no control. I will delete these emails without responding.


I appreciate your respect and your efforts to understand the legal restrictions governing this matter.


If you are angry about these laws, take a deep breath, go seek professional support to help you navigate the intense emotional experience your are navigating, and/or watch one of the many free stress management webinars I offer on this website to help you manage your grief in a healthier way. Do not email me. If you do, this is how your inquiry will be handled: 

1.) You will not receive a response

2.) You will be added to a list of clients I will not see for any type of consultation.


If you are genuinely interested in exploring options to acquire my assistance in managing your pet's care after a diagnosis of cancer, I am happy to do what I can to help you with a consultation through the legal pathways available to us.


I am unable to legally consult directly with pet parents who reside outside of Michigan, as my veterinary license is a Michigan one.


In person consultations at OVRS are required to speak directly with me. Please contact OVRS at 248-334-6877 to schedule an integrative oncology consultation with me.


Veterinarian Tele-Consultation options may exist for you if you live near a veterinarian who is a MettaPets MVP Member and are able to establish a legal VCRP with them by having them see your pet directly first. Please discuss this with your Chinese Medicine trained veterinarian to see if they are comfortable prescribing Chinese herbal treatments based on a consultaiton with me

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