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MettaPets Veterinary Wellness Network

MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network offers Daily Support and Inspiration, Monthly Events and Bi-Annual Wellness MasterClass Trainings, by Veterinarians for Veterinarians, in a Veterinarian-exclusive Community.


  • Veterinarians wanting to increase their capacity to navigate stress with more peace

  • Veterinarians interested in developing their ability to experience positive emotions more often

  • Veterinarians curious about how meditation and mindfulness practices can help them

  • Veterinarians already familiar with mindfulness and meditation who want to explore the methods and teachings more deeply

  • Veterinarians wanting to connect with a community of like-minded peers in an intimate community where we will have the opportunity to support each other and nurture meaningful relationships 


  • Wellness MasterClasses open only to veterinarians on a private website so you can explore these topics with friends and colleagues who are going through similar life experiences.

    • Upcoming MasterClasses

      • Fall 2021: Metta Meditation for Stress Relief, Inner Peace and Greater Wellbeing

  • Wellness Events and Groups

    • Everyday Mindfulness Group - weekly audios and Community Calls

    • Periodic single events you can attend live or watch as a replay

    • Periodic Free monthly community connection calls


  • Wellness activities, articles, and inspirations to keep you focused on your wellness goals​​

  • Post your own questions, ideas, comments and chats with the community or other community members to connect around topics interesting and important to you and your wellness goals

MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network

MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network offers Wellness MasterClass Trainings and other Wellness Events, by Veterinarians for Veterinarians, in a Veterinarian-exclusive Community.

MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network is a community of veterinarians looking to share and receive positive heart-centered support to empower ourselves to create greater emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being so that we can experience greater life and career satisfaction. Here we acknowledge the important interaction and interdependence of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness in experiencing wholeness, authenticity, deep healing, happiness and personal thriving. Our spiritual "Self" is beyond any religion, creed or belief and informs our experience of life. When we bring these four aspects of "Self" into harmony, our efforts to optimize our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness will realize their full potential.

I've built MettaPets Veterinarian Wellness Network to bring together veterinarians who are seeking to improve their well-being and are interested in/curious about spiritual development to engage in a journey of Self-discovery and Self-mastery based on empowering and time-tested principles from ancient yogic traditions, buddhist mind training techniques, ancient mystery school perspectives and modern psychology research in a supportive community of compassionate peers so that we can develop life-skills for creating greater happiness in our lives, make better decisions for our wellness, experience greater self-acceptance, improve our sense of self-worth and purpose, contribute in positive ways to the health of our profession and, together, create a thriving personal and professional life.

If you are a veterinarian who is interested in creating positive connections with a diverse community of veterinary professionals who embody a variety of  views about life and healing, who is open to new ways of thinking about life and the world, who values the acknowledgement of spiritual and soul development as part of a comprehensive path to "whole-self wellness" and who is dedicated to treating others with unwavering respect, consideration and kindness in order to create a supportive community for healing, improved well-being and thriving by exploring tools such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, eastern philosophy, buddhist mind-training techniques and mind-body-spirit integration practices, this is your place! I invite you to join us.

  • Join a Community of Peers Interested in offering and receiving Kindness and Support

  • Connect with colleagues who share the same struggles and goals that you have

  • Share your Challenges and Triumphs to help each other grow

  • Enroll in MasterClasses focused on Topics Relevant to Your Wellness & Thriving

  • Participate in Workshops and Events to support your Wellness

  • Master Mindfulness, Meditation and Growth Attitudes important to Your Happiness

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