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Live Virtual Guided Max Meditation (TM)
Friday   |   May 29   |   7:30 - 8:30pm EST
Max Meditation zen balance image.jpeg

Join me live as I guide you through a Max Meditation experience from the comfort of your own home in your favorite chair!


No previous meditation experience is required.


This guided meditation experience is designed to be beneficial and accessible for both seasoned meditators and those who have never meditated before.


Many people describe the Max Meditation (TM) experience as being deeply relaxing. 


The Max Meditation System(TM) is based on a fusion of both ancient and modern meditation techniques.


This balanced meditation system combines methods from ancient yogic traditions, modern psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. 

Multiple brainwave states have been identified that correlate with different states of consciousness - or states of "being".


Beta brainwaves are associated with our normal waking state.

Coherent Alpha, Delta and Theta brain states bring an experience of deep relaxation and an increased sense of well-being, to name just a few of the benefits. 


The Max Meditation system guides you through deep relaxation, breathing and imagery which facilitates an experience of these various brainwave states.


This conditions your mind to be able to enter these states more easily & learn how to get the most out of meditation.

Dr. Bannink offers meditation events, workshops and other emotional and spiritual well-ness support resources on her website

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